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Workforce Development

Access one of the largest and highly skilled talent pools in Southwestern Ontario. 

Your workforce is key to driving growth, investment, and innovation, and access to highly qualified talent is a top reason businesses choose to expand in London. With thousands of students and newcomers from abroad arriving in the city every year, London has an abundance of specialized and skilled workers ready to help your business succeed.

LEDC works with the business development team to provide workforce development services to clients in London’s key sectors, which help support expansions and growth. Some of the ways we help employers with developing their workforce include:

  • Connecting employers to education institutions, employment support agencies, and key contacts in the community
  • Connecting employers with training programs and professional development opportunities to help retrain employees
  • Identifying opportunities for employers to attract talent and promote their job opportunities at career fairs and online job portals 
  • Connecting employers with services to attract and hire global talent to fill highly specialized roles
  • Advising on human resource best practices and have developed an employer checklist to assist
  • Sharing relevant labour market information with employers to help them make informed decisions about their workforce strategy
  • Sharing available training and hiring grants


Recognized as being one of the first economic development agencies in Canada with a workforce development focus, LEDC has develops and supports several workforce initiatives in London, including:

Workforce Initiatives in London, Ontario


London Manufacturing JobsLondon Tech JobsLondon and Area WorksJob Developer NetworkBusiness Momentum SeriesThe Ivey Academy


  • London Tech Jobs: Join our free London Tech Jobs portal so we can promote your open positions. Jobseekers can use the portal to start discovering who's hiring in these growing sectors
  • London Manufacturing Jobs: Join our free London Manufacturing Jobs portal so we can promote your open positions. Jobseekers can use the portal to start discovering who's hiring in these growing sectors
  • London and Area Works: A community initiative to help employers highlight their open positions through a portal, weekly video series, and bi-annual job fairs.
  • Job Developer Network: A group of job developers from 24 organizations across the London area that can help businesses recruit, hire, and seek training supports for current and potential employees. 
  • Business Momentum Series: Developed by LEDC and Fanshawe College Corporate Training Solutions to provide free human resources and communications and marketing training to employees at small-and-medium sized enterprises.
  • Ivey Academy Programming: Partnership between LEDC and the Ivey Academy to employees at the management and senior levels with training and events, traditionally only held in Toronto, at a low cost here in London.

“We have access to the brightest minds and skills here in London and it’s across all levels - engineers, designers, project managers, and plant floor technicians. The quality of life and type of work we do makes it easy for us to attract talent from other centres”


- Ron Harris, Jones Healthcare Group



This is how I can help.

Robert Collins

Robert Collins

Director, Workforce Development

  • I can help you explore talent attraction opportunities and promote open careers
  • Connect your workforce to training and professional development opportunities
  • Understand relevant labour market information
  • Connect with research & scale-up resources
  • Understand available grants & incentives 

This is how i can help